We are very excited to work with the Stratford upon Avon Art Society. We have two dates in April where a local Artist will be at Stalls either painting or sketching in the showroom. There is an opportunity to talk to the artist and purchase any of their artwork on the day. The Artists’ will be in the showroom from 12.00am-2:00pm.

Thursday 14th Of April Neil Farrow

Neil Farrow used to sketch horses and ponies when he was about 10 years old. He had to give it up when a career and a busy family life took over. Neil never had a formal art education in his youth. However, he retired about 4 years ago, and took up painting and sketching about three years ago. He attended watercolour lessons, but also is keen to try other mediums including acrylics, gouache and pastels. Neil doesn’t have a particular style, as he’s still experimenting with, every subject by every medium, so we’ll have to see what happens on the day!

Wednesday 20th of April Jo Wade
Jo is a fine art graduate. She paints with oils mostly but likes to be experimental; in combination she will often use other media to enable her to create desired paint effects.
Her inspiration is the relentlessness of time. She draws from nature, in particular the changing seasons, the calendar, night and day, and the clock, to inform her imagery. Recently she has completed a series of works entitled, ‘Time and tide wait for no man.’ This body of work uses the rhythms of the tide to mirror the constant movement of time.